Insurance Definitions

Copay A set amount you pay when you receive health care services.
Co-insurance This is your portion of cost for covered health care services after you have paid your deductible.
Deductible The amount of money you will pay for health care services before your health care insurance begins to pay.
Evacuation This coverage will help arrange for you to return home if an injury or serious illness occurs and you cannot return to your country on your own.
Out of network This means your insurance company does not have a contract for reduced prices with a doctor or other health care provider. If you go to an out of network provider, your insurance will cover less and you will have to pay more.
Out-of-Pocket Maximum The most you pay during a policy period. After this maximum, the insurance plan pays 100%.
Plan Maximum The total dollar amount a health insurance company will pay to cover costs of your health care.
Pre-existing conditions A pre-existing condition is a health issue a person had before or is currently being treated. Your health insurance must pay for services on all health conditions and cannot exclude payment for pre-existing health issues.
Preferred Allowance The amount a Preferred Provider will accept as payment in full for Covered Medical Expenses.
Preferred Provider / In-Network This means your insurance company has a contract with a doctor or other health care provider. The insurance company has negotiated reduced prices with these Providers to help you save money.
Preventive care Services that help prevent disease and keep you well. These can include adult immunizations/vaccines (shots), wellness and screening exams.
Repatriation In the event of a person's death, this coverage will arrange to have the body return to the person's home country.
Usual and Customary The lesser of the actual charge or a reasonable charge which is: 1) usual and customary when compared with the charges made for similar services and supplies; and 2) made to persons having similar medical conditions in the area where you get service.
Women's Preventive Services This is the regular care a woman needs including checkups for woman's health issues. These services are paid 100% by the insurance company. The insurance company will also pay 100% for certain methods to prevent pregnancy.