School Term   Silver Plan 2015-202822-3  
  24 & Under 25 - 29 30 and above
  ANNUAL 2015-2016: 08/12/2015 to 08/11/2016 $461 $698 $1,980
No Lifetime Limits On Benefits
$500,000 per Injury or Sickness
Coinsurance: 80% In-Network, 70% Out-Network
Diagnostic Services and Laboratory Tests
Mental Illness & Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Prescription Drugs: 70% up $1,000 max per year
Urgent Care Facilities - $50 copay
Pre-Existing Conditions - Six months waiting period
Evacuation & Repatriation - Pays 100% for services provided
Review SILVER PLAN Policy Brochure
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